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Nano Drone


The Battlefield Evolution

The OROS-X nano drone is more than just a technological marvel; it’s a solution born from the battlefield, meticulously developed to provide invaluable support to operators across diverse terrains and operational scenarios.



Oros-X Nano drone

Design and Capabilities

As a compact and highly maneuverable unit, the OROS-X excels in environments where traditional drones may falter. Its advanced sensors and adaptive algorithms enable it to navigate complex landscapes, providing real-time data crucial for mission success.

Oros-X Nano drone



Support Across Terrains

Whether in urban settings or rugged wilderness, the OROS-X is designed to adapt and deliver. It enhances situational awareness, aids in threat detection, and supports strategic decision-making, proving to be an indispensable asset for operators in various missions.



Oros-X Nano drone


Close Quarter Battle

Experience the future CQB with a portable solution

This compact nano drone isn’t just another gadget – it’s your silent ally in the chaos of urban warfare. Imagine having instant access to aerial reconnaissance, securely strapped to your leg for swift deployment. In the high-stakes world of CQB, where every move counts, trust in our Oros-X powered by Swor-AI to deliver crucial situational awareness when it matters most.

Tactical Deployment: Drone Case for Rapid Access

Speed and mobility are crucial in close-quarters battles, making the OROS-X nano drone and its leg-mounted case essential for easy and quick access. The lightweight and durable materials of this case protect the drone without adding bulk.

Additionally, this leg-mounted case allows operators to deploy the OROS-X in seconds, which is vital in high-stress situations. Moreover, it is designed not to interfere with movement, ensuring a full range of motion for effective combat maneuvers.

The ergonomically designed case fits comfortably on the leg with adjustable straps for a secure fit, ensuring the drone is always within reach without causing fatigue or hindrance.

Ultimately, the OROS-X nano drone’s leg-mounted case enhances mission capabilities by providing operators with a reliable and efficient tool for dynamic environments.

Born in the crucible of real-world combat situations

Operators who intimately understand the challenges and demands of the field design and fine-tune the OROS-X nano drone. Moreover, it results from first-hand experience, not distant innovation. Additionally, every aspect of OROS-X is carefully crafted to cater to the unique needs of those who serve on the front lines.


A Multifaceted

The comprehensive solution seamlessly combines cutting-edge aerial capabilities with a suite of tools and functions crucial for operators in the field. Furthermore, OROS-X handles a wide array of tasks with precision, from reconnaissance to communication and medical support.


Adaptable to
Any Terrain

OROS-X isn’t limited by geography or circumstance. Moreover, its adaptability allows it to excel in a variety of areas, making it an indispensable asset in urban environments, remote wilderness, or any challenging location an operator may encounter.



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