Turning Threats Down, Protection Up

The Future of Autonomous Defense Drones

The Autonomous Target Acquisition (ATA) system is a groundbreaking innovation in drone technology. Firstly, engineered with an autonomous pilot solution, it enables drones to fly independently towards designated targets for identification and action. Additionally, by seamlessly integrating autonomous flight capabilities with target identification and response protocols, the ATA system sets a new standard for autonomous defense systems. Consequently, it enhances situational awareness and response capabilities in diverse operational environments.

Smart Defense, Swift Action

ATA system, a pioneering solution revolutionizing threat detection and neutralization. Leveraging a network of interconnected reconnaissance drones equipped with cutting-edge sensors, the ATA system swiftly identifies potential threats and targets, empowering operators with rapid, actionable intelligence.

Empowering Battlefield
Operators with Precision

Operators receive immediate notifications on the GCS tablet with the ATA System upon detection. This enables efficient customization of drone quantity and operational modes for precise target acquisition. Furthermore, upon confirmation, our Wasper-1 drones autonomously ascend to optimal altitudes, thereby ensuring stable positioning for accurate threat assessment.


AI-Empowered, Human Decisions

In the ATA system, AI-driven insights swiftly identify threats, but human decision-making remains pivotal. Operators receive AI advice, authorizing precise drone actions. This collaboration ensures optimal security maneuvers, confirming threat elimination across diverse environments. It’s the fusion of AI intelligence with human judgment that fortifies security protocols, guaranteeing effective protection without compromising human oversight.


Rapid Threat

The system employs interconnected drones equipped with advanced sensors, thereby swiftly identifying potential threats. Consequently, this enables operators to receive immediate notifications, facilitating quick decision-making and enhancing response times.


Target Acquisition

Operators have the flexibility to customize drone quantity and operational modes upon detection. This customization ensures precise target acquisition, optimizing resources and strategies based on the nature and scale of the threat.



Upon confirmation, acquisition drones autonomously position themselves optimally for accurate threat assessment. Consequently, this ensures stable and precise interception and neutralization maneuvers, thereby minimizing errors and collateral damage.


Security Coverage

Continuous communication between reconnaissance and acquisition drones guarantees comprehensive security coverage. Moreover, this seamless integration ensures successful threat elimination across diverse environments, thereby bolstering security protocols without compromising operational confidentiality.

Backed by

The ATA system stands as a pivotal component, seamlessly integrated within our comprehensive air systems solution. Supported by cutting-edge technology and strategic integration, it elevates the overall capability and effectiveness of our air systems



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