Crafting life-saving products that protect and empower, securing a safer present and a brighter future.

Design & Technology

The next generation of defense technology will depend onf innovation design, advanced engineering software and AI technology. Compared to other traditional defense companies and contractors, Orbotix is focused on the operator himself, law enforcement officers, security agents, first responders, military forces, special forces, intelligence and more. Our customers undertake unique duties and face challenges beyond the ordinary. They confront daily risks in an increasingly uncertain world. Our mission is to empower these individuals and organizations to excel in their roles while ensuring the safety and well-being of their teams.


The future of warfare has unquestionably changed in recent years due to the introduction of new technologies. Today, and even more so, yesterday, Orbotix has undertaken a mission to enhance the protection of our operators and improve their capabilities to ensure the success of their missions. Our solutions are designed and developed to defend our values and protect the people in the midst of today’s and tomorrow’s conflicts. Build and protect to anticipate future conflicts.

"Revolutionize the defense industry with innovative design improvements and advanced technologies that will redefine operations completely."

Soldier 2.0

In a world where science fiction meets reality, Orbotix, armed with cutting-edge knowledge in ballistic protection, advanced software engineering, and innovative design, is at the forefront of ushering in a new era of warfare. Our mission is to build the next generation of Soldier 2.0, prioritizing the protection and enhancement of operators’ lives on the battlefield. We aim to amplify their strength, senses, and analytical capabilities, while revolutionizing the way military operations unfold.


The defense it’s not something that occurs only in a different war zone, but rather that is all around the world today. Orbotix want to ensure also the protection of the population of every metropolis and city around the world.


Our software and hardware are focused on the feedback and the need of our operators in the field. We are self- funding and are we are self developing solutions that will change the defense of tomorrow. Orbotix have an executive team of experienced Entrepreneurs, military and technology experts who can define the future of the war. By Operator for Operators. We design, We create, We develop, We train it, AND We test in ordered to bring a full solution in to any type of defense related duties.  

Our Business

Orbotix is a defense products firm with a unique approach. Instead of relying on customer requests, we proactively identify challenges directly from the battlefield, privately fund our research and development, and offer ready-to-use products. Our solutions go from idea to deployment in months, not years, which is not only cost-effective for the government and taxpayers but also ensures efficiency and speed in urgent situations.


Save Lives. Save Operator Lives. Repeat.

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Orbotix Team

Our exceptional team unites brilliant and talented minds from All Around The World’s tech scene with veteran and active operators who are in the middle of the operation battlefield.  Our engineers excel in innovation fields such as AI, robotics, software engineering, cybersecurity, aerospace, UAV, product designer and military know-how. 

Our Customers

We support operations with NATO, Allied and other partners around the world.


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