Orbotix Leadership

Our entire team is committed to shaping a new future in the defense and security industries.


Founder & CEO

Greg, an innovator and entrepreneur, he is the founder of the dynamic defense and aerospace company Orbotix Technology, but he also has a military background. He has worked with various teams and operators, from law enforcement to special force divisions worldwide, specializing in ballistic protection and innovative platforms. 


Founder & COO

Bogdan is former management consultant and a serial entrepreneur. Having lived, studied, and worked in nice countries in North America, Asia and Europe, he is extremely flexible, easy to adapt to all environments, and has the right skill set to take advantage of key opportunities whenever they present themselves.

Revolutionize the defense industry with innovative design improvements and advanced technologies that will redefine operations completely.


Head of Operations

Alberto is an exceptional coordinator with a strong background in management and technology consulting. He has a proven ability to adapt seamlessly to changing environments while consistently keeping vital strategic points in sight, which enables him to deliver high-value products. 


Head of Legal

Aurore is a multilingual legal powerhouse with a passion for navigating complex legal landscapes. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the law, she brings a unique perspective to our team. Her versatility and ability to communicate across multiple languages make her an invaluable asset.


Head of Product Design

Andrew is at the forefront of transforming ideas into tangible, immersive experiences. With +9 years of experience in product design and visualization, he leads our team of talented designers in creating cutting-edge visual content for product visualizations. He has a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends.


Head of Marketing

Alejandra plays a pivotal role in shaping and executing our marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and market penetration. With over 9 years of experience in the marketing domain, she has a proven track record of driving growth through innovative campaigns, digital marketing, and strategic partnerships. 


Electronic Engineering Team Lead

Meet Daniel, our esteemed Electronic Engineering Team Lead at Orbotix Technology. With over a decade of hands-on experience, Daniel expertly oversees all electronic components within our projects. His profound knowledge and keen eye for innovation drive our team to new heights in the realm of electronic engineering.


Navigation Engineering Team Lead

Introducing Eduardo, our esteemed Navigation Engineering Team Leader at Orbotix Technology. With over seven years of dedicated experience in the drone industry, Eduardo brings invaluable expertise to our team. His passion for innovation and deep understanding of drone technology drive our navigation engineering efforts forward.

Alberto L.

Drone Engineering Team Lead

Alberto continues to shape the trajectory of the drone sector, guiding technical development with precision and innovation. His leadership extends across various facets of drone technology, ensuring the seamless integration of advanced features and delivering pioneering solutions that redefine the possibilities within the dynamic realm of aerial technologies. 

Orbotix Technologies Team

Our exceptional team unites brilliant and talented minds from All Around The World’s tech scene with veteran and active operators who is are in the middle of the operation battlefield.  Our engineers excel in innovation fields such as AI, robotics, software engineering, cybersecurity, aerospace, UAV, product designer and military know-how. 


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